Hmmm.... Do you want A Pet Portrait  Done in Oils or  Pastel ...... Animal Portrait artist, Cheryl Coleman will paint a portrait  of your horse, dog or cat from your photos.  The Gallery will show examples of paintings done in both oils and pastel.                                                An Oil Painting is like the cat painting above. Oil portraits are done on stretched canvas and varnished. They don't need glass, you simply wipe with a damp cloth to clean. I also paint with Oils on canvas boards for artwork on special frames, like ovals. Below are a few commissions done in Oils. My flash tends to reflect on Oils, they are very vibrant in color.                                                                                                             




A Pastel Painting is done on acid free paper with pastels, which are pure pigment. The paper is mounted and matted with more acid free board. Pastels will smear, like chalk, so they need to be under glass. I don't fix them with a varnish.  Neither should be hung in direct light. The matt is about 2 " to 3" wide. This adds to the overall size of a finished pastel. An 8" x 10" pastel painting would need an 11' x 14" frame with the added width of a matt. A few Pastel commissions are below.




     Fine Art by Cheryl Coleman 2013 ©          contact Cheryl at


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