Cheryl Coleman - Artist
                      Commissioned Portraits ~ General Information

STANDARD COST- The standard portrait is with a plain background. Additional charges may be incurred for special requests 

SIZE- The finished dimensions of the outside of the artwork, ready to frame. Request quotes for sizes not listed.

MULTIPLE IMAGE IN PORTRAIT- An additional image is a second animal, person, tack or specific background.

PAYMENT- A 50% deposit is required to initiate commissioned artwork. Artwork will be shipped with receipt of balance.

TIME FRAME- Please allow 12 to 16 weeks , some may require less time, rush charge for artwork required in 8 weeks or less.

HOLIDAY DEADLINE- Orders must be received by Sept 1st.

SHIPPING- Apply 15% of the standard cost for shipping, this includes packing, insurance and actual shipping cost in USA

                               STANDARD  PORTRAIT  PRICING
                                                                     (prices subject to change)

                     Portraits in Oils
*              Portrait in Pastel *
  Size               Standard Cost (one pet)             Standard Cost( one pet)           Multiple Image Additional Cost         Framing
  8" x 10"                       $225                                         $180                                           $85                                   $55
  11" x 14"                     $375                                         $325                                           $95                                   $75
  12" x 16"                     $450                                         $395                                          $115                                  $85
  14" x 18"                     $525                                         $480                                          $125                                  $95
  16' x 20"                      $750                                         $650                                          $140                                  $115
  18" x 24"                     $925                                         $780                                          $185                                  $125

Portraits in Pastel - Pastels are a chalk and need to be put under glass, touching them would smear them. Usually they are put in a matt and then framed. The price for a standard portrait will include a matt. I will only ship pastels, flat, not rolled , in a matt and not framed in glass. You can order a frame from me, but you would have to purchase the glass and have it put together.

*Portratis in Oils - An oil painting doesn't need glass and is done on a stretched canvas. I varnish the painting when it is done. If you order an oil Portrait and a frame, it will be completely ready for you to hang on your wall. The frame are nice quality wood frames.
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