COLLECT PHOTOS  -I work from your photos, one is sufficient, but the more you have the better sense I have of your pet. Naturally the photos don't have to be perfect, as an artist I work around spooky flash eyes and photo distortion. If the photo has very poor coloring of your pet, please let me know, camera aren't accurate especially in full sun, they wash out true color. All photos are handled carefully and will be returned.

CONTACT THE ARTIST TO PLACE AN ORDER     - I need to understand exactly what you have in mind for your pet portrait. We need to discuss size , style, framing and pricing.  Once we agree on the terms you will need to pay 50% of the portrait price before the commission is started and the rest when the portrait is completed. You will need to mail the photos.

PAYMENT - Paypal ( is paid to )and Money Orders are the only accepted forms of payment. ( sorry no personal checks)

E-MAILING THE ARTIST - Feel free to  e-mail me with any questions at

CONTACTING ARTIST BY MAIL  -              Cheryl Coleman

                                 422 Crossfield Rd.           Rochester, NY 14609


             Fine Art by Cheryl Coleman 2009 ©

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